summer’s knocking.

Myles & I spontaneously had an egg-shelling contest at the Tracy House Easter Dinner. We're having fun plotting Holy Spirit adventures for our incoming college interns!

In the beginning of February, a fellow named Myles moved into the Tracy House. I know Myles through my involvement with the Student Church movement, and upon joining us in Kansas City he jumped right into all the Holy Spirit fun we’ve been having here with urban youth.  We became quick friends and at once began scheming about hosting a Student Church Planting eXperience (SCPx) for both college students we’ve both served these last few years, as well as the high school students we’re currently living around.  The dates for the SCPx have just been made official, and we’ll be rocking this thing from June 26- July 5.

B-uuuu-t… somehow 10 days of adventure just didn’t seem quite crazy enough for us!  So we also began to dream about combining our experience of planting simple churches on campuses and our experiences of missional living in the hood by inviting college students to come join us for a 2-month summer internship – teaching them the things of Jesus we have learned so far, and embarking on a journey to learn more together.  And boy, oh boy have we been continually surprised by the way the Holy Spirit jumped in the driver’s seat on this scheme!  Since beginning to plan, each week we’ve had phone calls from just the right people at just the right time.  Our dear sister Meghan who has been simple church planting at University of Texas Austin was divinely called by Jesus to move to KC for the summer to co-lead alongside us.  Door after door has opened, students are turning their applications in, and ready or not… we’re hosting an internship AND an SCPx!  Myles & I have also been asked to lead a class pertaining to mission in the urban core as a part of the Boiler Room’s summer school program, so we plan to do that as well, incorporating our interns into that class too.

* Interested in supporting or participating in our summer endeavors?  There’s so many ways to get involved!  

If you’re a local: We need help with childcare, furniture we can borrow for our interns, and assistance with meals.  We’d also love to invite you to join our experientially-based class through the Kansas City Boiler Room!

If you’re a faraway friend: We need heaps of prayer!  We’re also looking for sponsors to send students to SCPx.  For $100 you could make it possible for a student to fully participate in SCPx.  

Email me 🙂

Meghan baptizing her brother at a lake in Texas. She is a wonder of woman who has been captured by the wild love of Jesus and we can’t wait for her to come rock the hood with us!  

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