so long Tracy Ave, hello the rest of my life

In the summer of 2009, Poppa led me and handful of friends to a house on the corner of 39th and Tracy Ave.  Our new home was quickly dubbed the Tracy House, and our Friend Holy Spirit showed us our destiny that lie hidden in our name.  “Tracy” means a road or path; to harvest or to reap; brave.  We knew right away that He was asking us to show our broken neighborhood the path to the Father, to labor with Him to bring in the harvest, and to live with bravery & courage in the tumultuous East Side.

Since then, a whole slew of people of different colors, ages, and family backgrounds from both the Boiler Room family and the urban core have come to call the Tracy House their home.  Along the way, we’ve made bucket-loads of friends here on the East Side, many of whom have had powerful encounters with the love of Jesus at the Tracy House.  Some of those individuals have chosen to follow Jesus with their whole lives, while many have chosen to leave His gifts by the wayside.  We’ve experienced both incredible joys and serious heartache during out time at the Tracy House.  Meanwhile, our relationships with the Jesus have exploded in grace, we’ve learned enough to fill at least a few books, and we’ve formed friendships to be treasured for life.

Through a series of shifting circumstances, many conversations with our family leaders, and much prayer, Poppa has made it clear that the season of the Tracy House has come a close.  It’s good, it’s right, and it’s time.  At the end of August, all the current members moved on to the new beautiful things Poppa had prepared.

Even while we ache for each person who has met Jesus and walked away to return Home again, we adore our Friend Jesus the extravagant grace He continually pours out in our house and in our city.  Regardless of how each person that has been encountered by Love has chosen to respond, we still want to honor our Friend Jesus.  We remember the time that He miraculously healed ten lepers when only one returned to thank Him, and we want to jump in line with that one grateful leper and say, “Jesus, You are ALWAYS GOOD!”

We invited the whole Boiler Room community to the Tracy House the day before move-out to celebrate 2 very fully years’ worth of beautiful lives that Jesus has loved.  The Boiler Room family has largely contributed to the stream of love flowing in our home and we wanted everyone in on the festivities.  We partied properly with delicious food and laughter, told powerful stories from our experiences here, and worshiped Jesus together.  God was in our midst that night.  They were many beautiful tears around the room.

I myself have cried many more tears before then and since then.  The Tracy House has been so precious to me, such a significant part of my journey to wholeness, such a place of discovering the nearness and greatness of God.  Never has a home simultaneously held for me so many intense moments and so many delightful ones.  But I know the time is right.  I know it is His time.  And I am convinced these two years are just the beginning of the beginning of the adventures the Father has for Kansas City Boiler Room family in the East Side.

In the process of this all, the Holy Spirit has been speaking to me about both His friendship and my identity, neither of which will change with shifting circumstances.  He has become to me my dearest, closest Friend.  I know that He goes with me, and that our friendship only deepens so long as I remain surrendered to Him.  I signed up for life-long adventures with Him years ago, and that contract is not about to end.  I get to be with Him forever, joining in His grand schemes of Love.

As for my identity, I’ve begun to cling to the words He spoke so very clearly: “This is who you are, Lindsay.  You will being doing things like this for the rest of your life.”

I do believe He is right.


2 thoughts on “so long Tracy Ave, hello the rest of my life

  1. “We remember the time that He miraculously healed ten lepers when only one returned to thank Him, and we want to jump in line with that one grateful leper and say, “Jesus, You are ALWAYS GOOD!”

    Lindsay, you are precious. Grieving and rejoicing with your heart, sister.

  2. Girl…wow. So moved to be some small part of this unfolding epic. You are lovely, my dear, and I pray He fills you up in this season to come like He never has before.

    Yes…and amen.


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