about me


I am 27 years old.  I love Jesus because He loved me first.  He made me perfectly rightly relating when I had no chance of ever rightly relating to anyone.  I walk a path that is lined with extravagant love, behind and before me as far as I can see.  I can love much because I have been loved much.

I grew up on a farm in Ohio.  I found myself and became the woman I am today in a community of friends following Jesus together in Kansas City, MO.  In 2012, I married the best man in the world for me.  His name is Myles Aleksandr and he is a man full of kindness and strength.  Shortly after our wedding, we moved to Michigan to pursue higher education.  We purchased a beautiful two-family flat in the urban core of northwest Detroit, where we now live with dear friends.  We have a smiley and energetic baby boy named Zakai who makes us laugh every day.  He is already an adventurous and determined soul and I cannot wait to watch him grow.

After a few grueling years and many late nights, Myles completed his Master’s degree in Urban Planning from the University of Michigan.  He now works for the Eastern Market as a Food Access Coordinator and is involved with developing real estate in the city.  I’ve done a few things since living here in Detroit, including working at an elementary school in our neighborhood and working as a teaching assistant at Wayne State University where I’ve been plugging away at my Master’s in Criminal Justice.  I’ve enjoyed classes on wrongful convictions, law and the African American experience, and my favorite – a class in a prison with inmates for classmates.  (Talk about perspective!) My coursework is now finished, an I’m working on a final essay that includes various perspectives on how the American justice system got itself into the mess its in with mass incarceration.  Besides writing, I’m currently working with Wayne State on a program evaluation for the Detroit Police Department – its just a little side gig that involves interviewing local residents on their perspectives of crime and the police.

I spend most days at home with our rambunctious little boy, cooking and writing when I can.  Myles and I love gardening in our lush backyard, going on runs together, and experimenting with wholesome foods.  We live out simple forms of church with our friends here in Detroit by meeting in homes for prayer and worship, hosting a lively and diverse “Family Dinner” every Tuesday night, and sharing our plenty with our spiritual family and neighbors in need.

There is nothing I want more than to rightly relate to God, to my husband and son, and to every human on this earth. I want orphans to have families, prisoners to have restoration, and devastated cities to have peace. Mostly, I want everyone to know my Favorite One Jesus – the One who sets everything right through His perfect love.

If anything you read here provokes questions or desires in you, I’d love to hear from you: lindsayleighhamby@gmail.com


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